Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DOA Tours China!

Sometimes the blurry shots are the best ones: Joe Keithley by Cindy Metherel

I'm proud and a bit stunned to see it: a Vancouver punk band - I'd call them the "grandfathers of Vancouver punk" but I'm not sure how Joe (or Chris Arnett!) would feel about that - is touring China! Chinese DOA fans (or happy Canadian expats) can catch them at these shows:

Jan. 9 Mao Live House, Beijing
Jan. 10 Vox, Wuhan
Jan. 11 Yuyintang, Shanghai
Jan. 12 Castle Bar, Nanjing
Jan. 13 D-22, Beijing

People unaware of DOA's Asian following are strongly advised to check out the Japanese DOA cover-tune compilation, We Still Keep On Running with DOA - really fun stuff, and available from Sudden Death. More on the new Spores comp later...!

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