Sunday, January 04, 2009

Alienated in Vancouver: The Comic Strip!

I've occasionally done comic strips, dubbed "The Allan Funnies," for my own amusement, more than anything else. I don't have the discipline or the ambition to do anything serious with the form, but it's kind of fun - a way to direct my compulsive doodling. A friend of mine, Michael Carrothers, suggested I apply myself to some "cartoon blogging," and it seemed like a fun idea.

The SNFU article referenced is viewable online here, by the way; the Blowfly piece is here.

I'll have more to say about the Rude Norton show (the one I was going to) later, along with a couple of great Bev Davies pictures, but in the meantime, I give you, "Al Goes to the Cobalt."

To be continued...!

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theodore stinks said...

There a real charm to your drawings + story, Al. Love the little details...It's even cinematic in a way. More, please!