Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chris Walter and the Rebel Spell Friday

Well, my apologies to the Her Jazz Noise Collective - fond as I am of them, I just couldn't make it to the Cobalt for Fake Jazz Wednesday last night. What can I say? I was home, warm, and comfy; I gotta work tomorrow; and I didn't have enough cash on hand for a bus trip home, so I woulda had to have walked. There's more of a chance I'll go see the Rebel Spell on Friday, with Chris Walter reading; I haven't seen them play since my Razorcake thing on them came out (now on the stands at, like, Chapters and shit - it's in the one with a Bev Davies pic of the Tranzmitors on the cover, with, by pleasing coincidence, a Chris Walter interview with them).
Now the BIG question on my mind is if I want to go see the New York Dolls on Saturday. It's one of those dangerous gigs, where the questions of "how lame could it be" and "how great could it be" equally provide compelling arguments for staying or going...


Anonymous said...


Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame! Lame!

I wonder who's opening? Lemme guess The Black Halos. Urk.

I'll be one of those old farts (I'm "39") who reminices, true story, about the time she saw Johnny Thunders -- on a good night -- live in San Francisco. Holy moly that was one heckuva exciting Vacation, the Earthquake happened same trip Sept 1989 I think it was!

The Dolls were the answer, the shining light, the rock AND the roll. Now two of them are back and okey-doke. I once dreamed of having a chance to see them in a club setting, but that dream died about 15 years ago. My same dream of seeing Morrissey at the Commodore has also died.

And besides, aren't tix like $30.00 or something? Egads.

Honestly? I'd stay home and rent the Arthur Kane documentary.

-- Jude

Anonymous said...

Hi Al,

I got to wondering just who would be opening for the Dolls so I checked.

It's We Are The Fury from Ohio

Pretty good stuff. Glammy Bolanesque Brit sounding.

-- Jude

ammacinn said...

Heh. Well, I still might go. And how 'bout that, I'm 39 too... no really...

Seeing Johnny Thunders is definitely the stuff of "cred," and how there is no cred whatsoever gained by seeing bands engaged in historical re-enactments... unless, I guess, you saw the Velvet Underground on their late-90's European tour.

My own cred list (I must compensate lest I seem inferior):

the Dead Kennedys (1984-85? The Fall of Canada tour, anyhow)

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (saw 'em twice in Japan; they never toured here; also saw Joe with the Pogues and with that faux Clash five-piece on the Cut the Crap tour)

locally, but still glad I saw em: Slow (opening for the Cramps!)

Plus the Volcano Suns, Tad and the Melvins and other cool bands on a routine basis at the Cruel Elephant when it was on Granville

Interesting how seeing Nirvana on the Nevermind tour seems to count AGAINST the concept of cred...