Monday, September 17, 2007

Peter Watkins' The Freethinker on DVD!

As mentioned on the homepage for Peter Watkins' site - featuring an extensive and interesting critique of the way mass media currently operate - there is to be a DVD release of his film about August Strindberg, The Freethinker, through Project X Distribution and Torontobritpics. Oliver Groom informs that that it's "a double-disc set (274 mins)," and also that "there's also a special edition of Edvard Munch - again a 2-disc set - with the long version (220 mins) and a few other bits and pieces." (Strindberg is featured as a character in Edvard Munch, since the two men knew each other. Based on what I've seen thus far, Munch seems to be Watkins' masterpiece, though I also greatly admire his Punishment Park - a much more timely film).
Though one imagines Peter Watkins would not approve of my doing so, I must point out - since I am sure a couple of readers of this blog have not yet encountered it - the delightful Strindberg and Helium cartoons, which are a must-watch of a most ridiculous nature. Look, damnit, I'm literate, really (by today's standards) - I just have a sense of humour. It's allowed!

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