Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sick 3: can't sleep

So I'm arguing on Facebook about the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh and the obscene display of force shown by the IDF at her funeral procession, which was captured on video and actually made the CBC... when the Saudis killed Jamal Khashoggi there was at least a bit of international focus on them, so let's hope that there's at least as much heat generated here: which may happen, because I don't think journalists like it much when their own get killed; she was shot in the face while wearing a "press" vest in this case. And if that's not bad enough, letting the IDF attack mourners in a funeral procession for her the very next day... jeezus, how did anyone think that that was a good move? Only people very confident that the eyes of the world are not on them would do something like that, so you should put your eyes on it, if you haven't seen footage yet... 

...but as upset as I am to see this stuff - arguing about a Facebook friend's "whataboutism" in the face of criticisms of the IDF... truly, I'd rather be sleeping. (No reference to DRI lyrics intended, though it's about one of three songs by them that I do like, the others being "Soup Kitchen" and "Nursing Home Blues." Hey, that Dayglos/ Citizen Rage/ Car 87 show is going ahead at the Rickshaw, did you see, even despite the headliner's Canadian tour being cancelled. I am happy for the Dayglos. I hope people turn out in large numbers - their new album, Hate Speech, is the best thing they've done since Guano, and considerably more topical...). Normally I zonk right out these days - especially given that I ate a high CBD cookie before bed. But nope - I feel utterly no inclination towards sleep. Got up to pee and wet my mouth and now I'm marooned at my computer trying to burn off the midnight oils... at 5:22 AM...!

...But it's not the IDF's fault I'm awake - it's COVIDs. It's not that my symptoms are so bad - they're not, in fact; I continued to hack up phlegm through yesterday evening, but I'm HOPING that my symptoms are clearing. No real brainfog, frequent urination slowing down, no longer feel feverish, hurts a bit to swallow but not that much... I find my saliva is excessively ropy when I wake up and it takes awhile to clear it away, because spitting and swallowing are both challenging for me now (no fellatio jokes, please). And besides all that I feel a little congested, feel a bit of pressure behind my eyes, a bit bleary. But it's not so bad. 

Hey, I learned two things that I didn't know today, err, umm, yesterday: there are actually new antivirals - Paxlovid is the best regarded - that can help you if you have severe respiratory conditions or serious co-morbidities. I don't know why it's not prescribed more generally - was told by a doctor today that it would not be appropriate for me, only for people likely to be hospitalized, so I guess I don't need it. But if you have serious respiratory concerns, it might be worth checking out (it should be taken within five days of being symptomatic).

Also, be careful about cough syrups if you come down with COVID. One common ingredient in cough suppressants is called dextromethorphan, and while I gather the studies about it have not been conclusive, indications are that it might actually cause the COVID virus to proliferate. I've intuitively always reached for expectorants, rather than suppressants, and am swigging diluted Nin Jiom as I type this, but my wife had suggested Nyquil the other day, so I did take some of that - actually two nights in a row. It has dextromethorphan in it. I have stopped! 

Soon I will finish my nin jiom, attempt another pee and go back to bed. DOXA winners are going to be announced today, btw. But I'll let y'all sort that out. I hope I can sleep.  

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Allan MacInnis said...

Just to immortalize something I already pasted on Facebook, the laugh of the day came when Erika mis-heard my lispy reference to Jean-Paul Sartre as "John Paul Shart." Famed author of Beans and Nothingness, y'know?

But here's a deet I didn't put on Facebook, to gross out people who are reading very attentively: flopped on the couch, cat lying on me, I had a sneezing fit, and suddenly shart jokes stopped being funny.