Sunday, December 24, 2017

Just a few touch-ups, plus David M., Red Herring, Alex Harvey...

Apparently (Nick Jones sez) the performance of Keithmas not to have missed, which I missed, was the Pack AD doing "Gimme Shelter."

Ah well!

And the Stones song I liked so much that the Pointed Sticks covered was "Down Home Girl." I figured that out on my own.

In other news, for anyone worried, David M. is fine - not entirely in the mood for putting on a concert this year, but he might still do something post-Christmas in January, because, let's face it, "XTUVVVVV" is gold all year round. But I checked in last night, en route to Red Herring (new live clip here), and he gave me a Diet Coke and a little private Christmas concert in his living room - including three new "Wenceslases" and "Santa Got Lost in Texas" off a Bonanza Christmas special. His battery-operated, Christmas-themed rockin' poinsettia danced along quite happily on the endtable. His apartment is full of Christmas decorations, all lit up and cheerful, even if he is a bit glum this year. M will rally, however. M. is fine.

Those missing the magic of a David M. Christmas are directed here, for a very fulsome Christmas Alone in NO FUN City from 2016.

Also, thanks to Gerry Hannah for turning me on to political Steppenwolf. I thought it was all just bikes and drugs and sex, but he directed me to "The Ostrich," and now I have Monster. It's real good! And thanks to whoever it was in earshot that likened the Slow shows to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, I picked up Next and sure am enjoying it. Erika didn't really approve of "Gang Bang" though.

One wants a wife to disapprove of a song like that, really. 

Is it just me who thinks of Wreckless Eric's "Pop Song" when listening to that? You could do a pretty fun mashup between the two.


David M. said...

David M. will also be somewhere on the streets of No Fun City on Christmas Eve tonight doing an actual performance of NO FUN Christmas music. Just like something pitiful from Dickens! Merry Christmas Allan & Erika!

David M. said...

From 9:40 PM to 11 PM, right in front of what used to be the Railway Club, which is still in fact the Railway Club as far as I'm concerned (inside what used to be the Railway Club, not so much). 22 songs were played, and 3 of those were repeated for interested parties. People kept trying to leave money, even though I left the guitar case closed and kept telling people to give money to a homeless person instead. More to come.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Good of Hannah to turn you on to “Monster.” The old Canadian punk rockers looked upon them as their English counterparts did Mott the Hoople or something like that. Arguably the best rock ‘n’ roll album cover ever.