Friday, September 06, 2013

Fuck band frenzy, plus rough week

Did an article for the Straight online on the J.F.K. gig at Chapel Arts tonight. Should be a lot of fun; haven't seen the Furies in ages, and I like a good fuck band, same as anyone else!

(I love the comment from the person who read the title of the piece, skipped the article, then wrote a comment asking if there'd been a typo - did I mean "funk bands?" The first paragraph would have been enough to enlighten this poor lost soul, but did they read it? Noooo).

Meantime, it's been a shit week here at Chez Al. Horrendous thunder and lightning yesterday had me leavin' my Ma's to come back to my apartment to turn off my computer, trekking through the sheeting rain, wincing every time lightning flashed, like it might hit me at any second.  Got here to discover the power was out in the whole building; slogged up and down the stairs to my apartment to make sure that at least the windows were closed so rain couldn't get in. Went back to Ma's, figuring that the lights would be back on in a few hours, but no: coming home late last night, everything was still dark except the emergency lights in the halls and stairs. Ended up having to trek back up and down the stairs again to schlep a bunch of half-frozen food and my CPAP machine - I cannot breathe properly at night without electricity - back to Ma's to sleep on her couch... Now that the power's back on, I see that the food left in my freezer melted, formed sticky puddles everywhere, and then re-froze.I mean, I guess I've been needing to clean out my fridge, but fuck me, you know? You know?

There's more I could whine about, but I think I'm going to just try to forget all about it... At least my computer is okay. I think I need a few million dollars and a personal assistant to get me through the rest of my life...

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