Monday, September 30, 2013

Comments disabled

Sorry to those people who comment here: I've had to restrict comments, hopefully temporarily, because I'm getting daily doses of annoying spam trying to redirect people to malicious sites. I had Captchas and comment moderation set up but I was still getting five-to-ten attempts every day, and each time I have to take the time to mark them as spam and protect people from useless shite like the following:
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They tend to gather here after fishing rod
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Hard to believe there's someone somewhere being paid to read the Captchas and post crap like that. Or maybe there's some program that gets around them...? It would make an interesting documentary, to see who exactly profits from such an industry; since I have yet to accept one of these obvious spam attempts, its not like they've ever been REWARDED for their efforts, but they keep on trying, keep on trying... Why? Is spamming my blog actually putting food on someone's table somewhere? Because it sure seems like an entirely unproductive, socially useless pastime to me...

Anyhow, if legit readers of this blog would like to interact with me, there's a "contact me" function somewhere on this page and you're welcome to use it. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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