Sunday, April 07, 2013

RIP Les Blank

I would write an obit for Les Blank, but I've never actually seen any of his films.

Nope, not even Burden of Dreams or Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe. I know it's wrong of me. I owned the Criterion DVD for awhile, which has both films on it, but I was going through one of those phases of rolling-my-eyes-at-Herzog's-excesses that sensitive cinephiles tend to go through every few years, and in a fit of pique at some other Herzog movie, I sold it (maybe this was around the time his found footage "space" doc came out, with Brad Dourif narrating from the point of view of a supposed alien? I wanted to hit something, trying to watch that). Of course, many people have said that Burden of Dreams is superior to Fitzcarraldo, the film the making of which it documents, but it doesn't help matters that I'm not actually much of a Fitzcarraldo fan...

Anyhow, RIP Les Blank. I'll see some of your films someday, I promise...!

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loose canon said...

but did you know that les blank made a film about the Maplewood mudflats in deep cove in '71. I am trying to find the title and I found your blog.