Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombies, Punks: some options for Halloween

For those not blowing off seasonal viewing to catch Shirley Clarke movies at the Cinematheque (see below), there are a couple of Halloweeny options to bear in mind tonight (ie., Wednesday night). Cinematically, the Vancity Theatre will be having a double bill of the funny, smart, only slightly silly Shaun of the Dead (which I'm ready to see again) and a very interesting-sounding Cuban zombie movie called - yep! - Juan of the Dead - described in some writing online as being Cuba's first horror film, though I cannot vouch for this fact. I would describe the film further but I'm keen to see it and will be saving myself for the experience. 
For those seeking a live music option, meanwhile, there is also going to be a delightful, seasonally appropriate line-up of tribute bands at Funky Winkerbeans. In wendythirteen's caps, cut and pasted direct from Facebook, we find the following bands listed (with a Bikini Kill tribute band replacing a prevously announced Plasmatics one). 
We believe that it is Siobahn Duvall of Duvallstar who is being Debbie Harry in the Blondie tribute band, and that former Black Flag vocalist Ron Reyes (who, should anyone not know, sang on the Jealous Again EP, under a monicker he finds offensive, and was the band's lead singer during the shooting of The Decline of Western Civilization; he also currently leads Piggy) will be taking the stage to sing with Black Flag tribute band Six Pack, which is what happened (I gather) the last time Six Pack played Funky's. I was stunned by the POWER of Reyes' voice the one time I got to hear him sing, at his 50th birthday party; he is an amazing, forceful singer, and seeing him really gives you a rare taste of just how ferocious early Black Flag must have been... HIGHLY recommended. This event, in fact, is a reprise of a very successful night of tribute acts at Funky's a few weeks ago, and it seems HIGHLY seasonally appropriate, spending Halloween at a punk club watching punks dressed up as... other punks! (Mr. Reyes will have the luxury of dressing as himself). This is an event I will not be at - simply not possible for me at this point - but it is bound to be a very good time indeed...
That's it, for now, though. Wanted to mention a couple of things, but I have my mind in other places than this blog again. Happy Halloween!

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