Sunday, May 13, 2012

Persecution Dream

In the dream, I'm working as a writer at a newspaper. I'm not sure that the paper was ever named in the dream - but I don't think it matters, since it was based on a patchwork of workplaces and circumstances in my life. My main editor was a female, for instance, which is not the case at the paper where I actually do sometimes write (where everything appears to be going fine); and the staff room was modelled on the Japanese high school where I once taught. Anyhow, I had pushed my luck too far, been too arrogant, too superior, presumed too much on people's tolerances, and suddenly everyone decided they hated me; I was fired, and then - as part of a rarely employed ritual - beaten, crucified, pissed on, and mocked en masse by my colleagues in an orgiastic, hate-filled office party. The dream didn't end there - I was trying to put myself back together and find a way to fight back, in part because they planned to withhold my next check, and I needed the money; but I woke up before I could dream my way 'round to getting it.

Hell of a thing to wake up to on an unemployed Sunday morning.

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