Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Inclination

I know I tried to declare a holiday a few posts back - but then friends of mine were involved with shows and other things popped up that I felt I needed to write about. That may happen again, so don't hold me to this - but for the moment, I have absolutely no desire to be on this site: nothing to say, no energy to spare, no sense that it's in the slightest important. The VIFF is around the corner and I'll be doing previews for that, most likely, and I might have the odd thing in the Georgia Straight, but otherwise... consider me absent.

By the way, I might need to change dayjobs in the next few months, if anyone is hiring. Guess it can't hurt to put that out there.

...oh, and someone told me Scratch Records is movin' and havin' a big sale... For those who care...

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