Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Globe and Mail catches up with Elizabeth Bachinsky

I mentioned Elizabeth's upcoming booktour a month ago; I neglected to mention, this weekend, that she was reviewed in the Globe and Mail, and that the first chunk of her recently published Home of Sudden Service is featured in their Chapter One section online. I hadn't realized that they were this attentive to what's happening -- it raises them in my regard considerably.

Victoria residents can catch Elizabeth reading as part of the (fellow-blogging) Mocambopo Reading Series on May 12th, after which she, Michael V. Smith, and Jennica Harper depart for select dates in Toronto and Ontario. Tour dates and such here, on Michael's site. Say you read about it on my blog and tell Liz I promised you she'd give you a dollar off the cover price of her book if you mentioned this fact... ;)

(I never use smileys).

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