Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Cynical, but hoping it's just my problem

I feel this doomed sense of certitude that G.W. Bush is gonna win. I've consoled myself, below, with the possible good results of a Bush victory, but my mood today is more grim than hopeful. One of my coworkers said today, as we chewed over our sense of what's gonna happen, that he simply cannot believe that evil will triumph over good, that there will be four more years of darkness. Much as I admire his optimism, I don't share it. First off, it seems more of a case of evil triumphing over mediocrity -- I can't get that hepped up for John Kerry; secondly, well, I guess I'm just less certain of justice in the universe. I've had it out online -- mostly on Big Daikon -- with Bush supporters, and I know how stupid and entrenched in their xenophobic, media-manipulated bubbles they can be. Christ, I hope I'm wrong. Think I should find a bar to watch the results at -- I want to have a couple of beers in me when the news finally breaks.

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