Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Condolences, for what they're worth

It doesn't make me feel too much better right now, either, but we do have to note that in SOME quarters of the world, the swing to the right in the US is bein' balanced by a swing to the left. Spain, say. Canada has approved o' gay marriage and is possibly gonna legalize pot. There's a huge revitalization of the left, tho' it's looking a little haggard this week. (Stumblin' around the office trying not to really think about it too much, drinking when it gets home.) And hey, the impending Apocalypse probably won't be all bad, either.

Me, the cheeriest thing that I've read today was that Dallas has elected a Hispanic lesbian sheriff. The first ever! Like th' folks at Yahoo made that a headline just to cheer some of us up a bit. Thanks, guys.

I wanna see it made into a TV miniseries, myself. The Lupe Veldez Story. Michael Moore could direct.

Hey, Annie Sprinkle e-mailed me today! Hi, Annie!

And Hungary pulled out of Iraq.

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