Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fake Jazz returns!

Got a press release this week with some cool news:

After seven long years, Vancouver's Fake Jazz is returning as a monthly event at the Toast Collective (648 Kingsway) on the last Friday of every month. The theme is the same: noise, drone, psych, free jazz, and outsider jams, with a healthy focus on improv and instant composition. Bill Batt, one of the Fake Jazz founders, is joined by Shaunn Watt (Failing, Big Joy Festival) and Don L'Orange (Stamina Mantis, Softess) in organizing the resurrection. 
The first show of the monthly series is scheduled for August 31st at 9:00 pm, with sets by Wire Mother/Cloth Mother, Waters, Ex-Softess, Objects, and DJ Hxghxs. Interestingly, Objects played the first Fake Jazz set in 2007, and will get things started on this new run. Admission at the door is $8 or pay what you can. 
Let's get free!

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Bigia said...

Thank you or this blog!!!! You're saving this poor soul stranded in Van :)