Sunday, May 01, 2016

RIP Daniel Berrigan

Just noting the passing of Jesuit radical, poet, and one-time fugitive from justice, Daniel Berrigan, who led protests against the Vietnam War and nuclear armaments, among other things, and who inspired, with his actions at Catonsville, both a film (The Trial of the Catonsville Nine - highly recommended, but hard to find) and at least one song ("I Had No Right," by Dar Williams). He also has a cameo in The Mission, about Jesuits in Latin America, where he can be seen walking alongside Jeremy Irons. Father Berrigan was 94. RIP.

I have more to write about my Mom but I also have a lot of work to do this month, from sorting her estate and cleaning her apartment to doing some writing work. I think I'll have something pretty cool in this week's Westender, in fact - I was committed to write a couple of articles over the next while and have been grateful for something to do, when not fretting, crying, or riding to and from Maple Ridge.

But I won't be blogging a whole lot, I expect...

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