Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cool gig Thursday: Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll, Defektors

So here's a below-the-radar gig that could be fun. The Red Gate - redubbed the Red Fate, and moved, but I can't exactly say where (Hastings somewhere, ask someone cooler'n me) - will be hosting a gig Thursday night. Nic and Jeremy of Shearing Pinx will be joining members of Heavy Days and Psychedelic Dirt (so the little flyer sez) to put on a set of Neil Young covers, under the band name Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll - and not a noisy, ShPx-style version of Neil Young songs, either, but a respectful tribute, I'm told. (I saw these guys at the last Neil Young and Crazy Horse show in Vancouver, so I know they're fans). The Defektors will also be playing, with friends, doing a set of Gun Club covers. The little flyer sez it starts at 10pm, though the last time I tried one of these sorta gigs, it was 11:30 and the first of four bands hadn't started yet; take that as a caveat, but I might try this one no less.

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