Sunday, October 25, 2015

Passive consumption

How do people use the internet these days?

Back before I used Facebook, I used to actually go looking for interesting things to read. I would regularly check in on various websites, by bands or writers or movie reviewers of so forth that I enjoyed. Sitting down on the computer had the quality of an investigation, and I was always turning up new stuff to pay attention to.

Mostly now I just scan Facebook. There are a few pages I visit otherwise, on my own accord, but not many. I don't go looking very far afield; oftentimes, I let the information come to me. I have become much more passive in terms of my use of things.

I sure as hell don't read many people's blogs, I tell you that.

But then I never did. Typical hypocrisy on my part: I do a fair bit of writing for magazines, too, but I almost never buy the things...

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