Wednesday, October 28, 2015

GHOSTS... of the Civil Dead

I was, it transpires, unable, due to circumstances of some slight perversity, to preview GHOSTS... of the Civil Dead, screening tomorrow at the Vancity Theatre, despite an Australian DVD of it briefly passing through my hands earlier this week. This greatly limits my ability to plug the event, but it also lets me off the hook for blogging much about it, so there's that. All the same, all you Nick Cave fans, it's the first feature film he was involved in (as far as I know), he co-authored it and acted in it, it was directed by John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road, and Lawless), and it got much buzz at the time of its theatrical release. It's also not at all easy to see in North America, AND the Vancity Theatre is bringing in a 35 mm print of it (at some expense, you might imagine). Beyond that, I know it's an Australian prison drama and that it's mentioned in the Jem Noble film screening just before it. Which has something to do with why it's screening here (for ONE NIGHT ONLY!). More than that I cannot say, however. (Adrian Mack might have some comment on it in the Straight tomorrow).

Speaking of perversities, I would be going to see it, except my girlfriend won Hawksley Workman tickets. So I will be at a Hawksley Workman concert when it plays! I actually have no particular objection to him or his music, and a free concert at the Commodore is a free concert at the Commodore, so I don't mind (plus I plan to drag her into the heart of East Hastings for a show on Halloween night, so I want to be obliging here). Hell, I might even get to see Alice in the Cities at the Cinematheque before the concert. Eventually Ghosts will get released here, right?

However, YOU might still want to go see it at the Vancity tomorrow... right?

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