Saturday, September 12, 2015

On the upcoming election, plus photos

Everyone who reads this blog is going to vote and vote against Harper, I presume, so I'm going to say very little here on the matter. My inclinations are more towards the Liberals than the NDP, but I'm predisposed towards someone fresh and youthful over a career politician, which is what Thomas Mulcair strikes me as. Better things might come from a Liberal victory.

But really, I don't plan to say much about the election. Here are some recent selfies I took.


Unknown said...

Hey Allan! Erika's kitty? Nice that yer not allergic to it. -- Jude

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I think you are more capable of an electoral analysis than that Al.

Allan MacInnis said...

Yep, Erika's kitty Tybalt. I find my allergies have gone down a lot after a couple years of being around him - I very rarely have attacks.

Beer, I am CAPABLE of more than that, sure. Whether I'm going to bother to do it is another question.

Ms Cott said...

Gak! Allan, please find a different argument against Mr. Mulcair than a Conservative sound bite!

I don't understand why it is that 'a 'career' is usually considered to be a good achievement, unless the term is applied to someone who has devoted his or her life to politics, in which case, it is hauled out as a derogatory assessment of worth. Besides, how accurate is it in this case? I include a quote from an article in the Ottawa Citizen about Mulcair's careers:
"A lawyer by training, Mulcair spent many years in a variety of positions before entering politics.He worked in Quebec’s ministry of justice, started a private law practice, taught law courses at Concordia University and elsewhere, and served for several years as president of the Office des professions du Qu├ębec, among other jobs."

In my humble opinion, the only one who actually says anything of real value is Elizabeth. In my riding of Victoria, I am faced with choosing between Murray Rankin (NDP) and Jo-Ann Roberts (Green). The "Other Guys" (see/hear S.H. in CBC debates) don't seem to stand a chance here!

Nice pics, Al. Looking good.
The Other Jude

Allan MacInnis said...

Is that the Conservative soundbite on Mulcair? If you want an even worse reason for not being enthusiastic about him, the truth is, I mostly just don't like his face. But you may well be right... I just... I don't really know what to do with voting right now, Judith. I'm at a low ebb when it comes to having faith in the people to vote for a candidate who makes sense. Since I became somewhat more active about voting, I've seen George W. Bush, Stephen Harper, and Christy Clark ALL get elected for second terms, no matter what anyone did or said. It's depressing! It's tempting to find refuge in the whole "people get the government they deserve" thing and opt out, except this is an even surer way to turn the country over to monsters, and what we "deserve" is starting to look pretty grim... genuinely don't know what to do.

Danny Nowak said...

Hi Allan,
The biggest overriding topic that drives my vote is the obscene profits collected by the big corporations, oils and media companies and banks. Their tax rate has been going way down in the last decades while personal taxes have remained the same since WW2. The big difference between the Liberal and NDP promises is that Trudeau with raise the tax rate for the richest 1% of people (OK fine) but he won't touch the corporate rate. Mulcair is promising to boost the tax rate to the big corps (and lower the rate for small and family business which drives 80% of the economy). Also Mulcair will close the loopholes that allows the corps to pay $0 (google 'Canadian Corporate Loopholes' or ). These guys make many billions profit PER QUARTER. And Harper is harping on that he's so proud that Canada's economy is $1.8B above balance. Think what some of this money could do for hospitals, transit, veterans, infrastructure, public art, CBC, green energy etc.