Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cool thrash metal record collection at a thrift store!

Note: most of these are now gone. 

Attention thrift store shoppers and vinyl fiends... the Ridge Meadows Hospice Thrift Store (on 224th at Dewdney in downtown Maple Ridge) has just acquired a collection of really cool metal vinyl , now awaiting pricing in their backroom. As an occasional volunteer there, I recommended an average price of $15 each for these, since they want them to move, though one or two - like Wermacht's Shark Attack - I suggested going higher on. (Note: they had already set them aside to look up prices so it's not like you'd be getting them for a dollar if it wasn't for me). All seemed to be first (Canadian) pressings, and kept in decent shape in plastic record bags; the only caveat is that a couple appeared to be markedly warped due to poor storage. (But most were great!). I took home the one SNFU album in the lot, and a Dayglo Abortions record (Guano) with no record in it, and left the rest for more metal-hungry peers. These included three albums by Destruction, three by Venom, two each by Voivod, Razor, Celtic Frost, and DRI, and isolated titles from Death, Post Mortem, Exodus, Hellhammer, Whiplash, Bathory, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, and many, many others, all from the 1980's. Quickly and clumsily photographed below... hurry down, this is a rare find!

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Allan MacInnis said...

By the way, they all sold within one week.