Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Place to Hide in No Fun City: David M. gives an Actual Public Performance, August 15th

Well, looks like I'll be missing another David M. show next weekend! He's doing a concert at the Prophouse Cafe (1636 Venables) on August 15th (8pm), apparently surveillance-themed, but intrigued as I am, he apparently has this psychic ability to intuit when I have other commitments, and plans his shows accordingly. I'm not entirely sure what the details of it are; I know that he's been doing some unusual performances lately, announcing that he's going to do "something" in public on Facebook, but not listing the details and telling his followers that they needn't attend. He sometimes comments on Facebook that the activities he's engaged in - some sort of guerrilla theatre? I don't know - have been worthwhile, but they remain a bit (ie., totally) mysterious. This show, however, is apparently actually happening, and public; since it's surreptitiously-themed, perhaps someone could covertly videotape some of it for me so I can catch up at a later date?

As David writes on his event page, "Come for the music; stay for the all-encompassing surreptitious quasi-governmental surveillance! Join marked 'man' David M. and his guests Deej Barens, Shawn Turkington, and Pete Campbell, as they crawl out from under their rock to ROCK. Or don't join them; Your Faceless Overlords will, as always, have a full report for their delectation at breakfast the next morning. See you soon - you needn't attend!"

Some of David's posters are below:


David M. said...

Ross Judge at the Prophouse told me yesterday that he's vacating the premises permanently at the end of October. That's a shame.

Allan MacInnis said...

Oh nooo! It's such a cool little space, such a nice environment to see music in... damn.

David M. said...

This show is going to be good, and I never say that, and they usually are good.

David M. said...

Right as usual.