Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Miami Connection, Death Rides a Horse at the Cinematheque

Looks like I've kind of missed the boat, writing-wise, re: Miami Connection, playing this weekend at the Cinematheque. It sounds like it would be delightful to write about, regardless of the relative quality of the film (which I haven't seen): an uber-obscure 1987 Korean-American actioner bought as a cheap cinematic gamble, sight unseen, on eBay, by an Alamo Drafthouse programmer... and now transformed (with the help of said theatre) into a sudden cult hit? Huffington Post article on it here - I'm sorely tempted to check this film out. (Hoping there's an article in the Straight on it tomorrow - I want to know more)!.
Also this weekend is Death Rides a Horse, which is my pick, out of the Cinematheque's spaghetti western series, for the non-Leone-spaghetti that Vancouver cinephiles most need to see (...of the films that're actually in the program, that is - there are a few titles ahead of it, but they ain't playing!). Lee van Cleef is just great; director Giulio Petroni made the even more terrific and politically-complex Tepepa, but approaches the simpler storyline here - an archetypal revenge narrative with a couple of mild twists - with the eye of a master...The Cinematheque seems to be getting a fair bit more adventuresome in exploring lowbrow, cult, and exploitation fare; I for one heartily approve...

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Anonymous said...

I think the Rio is showing Miami Connection on... I wanna say April 18?
-Corrine (comments wouldn't let me post as anything but anonymous)