Monday, February 18, 2013

The most depressing story I have encountered this year

I've been too preoccupied with reading John Dies At The End (see below) to write much lately, but I thought I would share an extremely depressing story I encountered while trolling the obits this evening.  An American country singer named Mindy McCready has committed suicide by gunshot at age 37. While men - especially in America - often choose guns to make their quietus, it's a fairly uncommon way (or so I have read) for women to kill themselves; women usually choose, for whatever reason, less messy/ penetrative/ noisy/ disfiguring means of accomplishing the task. With these thoughts in mind, I zipped over to Youtube to find a sample song of hers, to see what sort of woman WOULD kill herself with a gun - and encountered - get this - the song "Guys Do It All The Time" (which is actually about her going out carousing with her female friends, but still...). Apparently her ex-boyfriend had also shot himself (unless foul play was involved, which apparently has been considered) on the same porch, one month ago; and to make this story even more depressing, apparently McCready shot the family dog before shooting herself. Her two children, who were not present, are now left parentless. Those wishing to delve deeper into the story can do so here. Let's not have any more stories like that for awhile, shall we?

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