Friday, February 22, 2013

Arthouse roundup #3: Detropia and Crazy Horse

Well, plans for a piece of writing about Crazy Horse went a bit awry: it looked like I was going to be interviewing the director, esteemed documentarian Frederick Wiseman, so I held off blogging about it; then the interview fell through, and now I'm sitting at my girlfriend's trying to negotiate her Macbook while she makes breakfast and interrupts me to ask how many sausages I want (we're back on Atkins... or, well... technically, I'm back, because she never left it). In a shock, I realize that the film opened last night, unblogged and unheralded by me... oops.

So the short version: Crazy Horse is a remarkably sexy, stunningly colourful film, very unlike the relatively grim territories usually associated with Wiseman's other work (such as Near Death, Welfare, Domestic Violence I and II, Meat, and of course, Titicut Follies).  If you like the idea of watching cinema that features a lavishly lit, highly creative stage show, bepeopled with lovely women, and that further provides an insider's view of the backstage machinations involved in putting on said show, it is now playing at the Cinematheque, and highly recommended. You can see a trailer for the film (and, indeed, purchase the DVD) from Wiseman's website.

I also previewed the very engaging, moving documentary Detropia, which I was going to write about alongside my Frederick Wiseman piece, but, like, breakfast is almost ready, so can I just direct you to this great Charles Mudede review? He's a better writer than I am, anyhow...

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