Wednesday, October 03, 2012

VIFF Documentary: Persistence of Vision

Kevin Schreck's documentary, Persistence of Vision, playing tomorrow at the VIFF (also on October 7th and 12th) sounded fascinating before I read Adrian Mack's article on it, and sounds even moreso now. Mack turned me and at least a few other people on to Bill Fiegenbaum's delightful Hugo the Hippo, a film of which I knew nothing, when it screened at the Cinematheque awhile ago; I now defer to him with total trust when it comes to matters animated, and if he describes this film - about the failed struggle to realize what could have been the greatest works of animation in history, The Thief and the Cobbler - as a must-see, it surely must be. Trailer here; there's actually a Kickstarter campaign afoot for the film, and even a Facebook page. Below is an image from Richard Williams incomplete film; that this could be the background for an animated feature is rather mind-boggling, eh?

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