Thursday, October 18, 2012

RIP Sylvia Kristel

...she was only 60! I was thinking, recently - after reading about one of those scandals where a teenaged boy was seduced by an older woman - about the 1981 film Private Lessons, which I saw theatrically as a horny 13 year old (not sure how I managed that, since it so obviously MUST have been R-rated; is it possible I asked my father to take me? I don't remember seeing it with him, but...). I remember it as a somewhat run-of-the-mill sex comedy, but wonder if, given the more hysterical public attitude towards such matters these days, it would seem daring or immoral or shocking, if revisited?

Also curious: damn, there have been a lot of Emmanuelle (and Emanuelle) films: Emmanuelle in Space? Is this really necessary?


Zbigniew Cylbulski said...

Arguably, Sylvia Kristel did her part to keep Vancouver's streets safe from troublesome urchins, back in the day (c. 1980).

No matter what shenanigans I got up to of a Friday night, an early return home to catch CKVU's The Screening Room and its Emmanuelle-intensive programming was guaranteed.

Allan MacInnis said...

Heh. I have vivid memories of one such night. My parents were out and Emmanuelle 2: Joys of a Woman was on TV. I was only about 12 or 13 - I think it was in the days before I really understood HOW to properly move my hand, you dig, and just sort of fumbled around, but during the close up of her hand rubbing another woman's crotch through her panties... my lack of technique made no difference at all...!