Sunday, October 21, 2012

Channel 3, plus

One of my favourite-ever punk songs is "Manzanar," by ChThree (Channel 3), a highly unique song about the internment of Japanese Americans in California (lyrics here); to my knowledge, it's the only song to have been written, at least in English, about the Japanese internment here (but do correct me if there are songs I've missed). I doubt very much that I will be able to go see the band when they play Iron Road Studios October 27th - there are various complicating factors - but it's a sort of historic punk gig, since this is a band we don't get to see up here very often. I have sent questions for an email interview about that song and more to one of the members of Channel 3; not sure if that will happen, but meantime, check out some of their other great songs on Youtube -like "I've Got a Gun," "Strength in Numbers," or "Indian Summer".... 

That's about all I'll be able to blog for awhile, folks - other writing calls me. 

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