Friday, February 27, 2009

Pontypool tonight! Bruce McDonald in person at the Cinematheque... plus Zbigniew Karkowski at the Front

Canadian director Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo, Roadkill, Highway 61, The Tracy Fragments... and many others) will be on hand to introduce his new film, Pontypool, at the Cinematheque tonight! Based on a well-praised novel by Toronto's Tony (not Anthony) Burgess, it's some sort of zombie movie with what sounds like an oddly Burroughsian twist, dealing with a radio shock jockey - played by Stephen McHattie, a fine character actor best known to current movie viewers, I suppose, as the thug who gets his face blown off in Viggo's coffee shop in A History of Violence - whose broadcasts may or may not be contributing to a town being overrun by zombies, caused by a language-related virus. Or something like that! I ain't seen it yet, either, but damn it sounds promising! A theatrical release will follow shortly, but Bruce is only around for tonight's screening, that I know of...

Of course, those of you off to see Zbigniew Karkowski at the Western Front this eve are excused from attending... EDR/ G42 member Dan Kibke recently played on a bill with Karkowski and former Vancouverite Kelly Churko in Vancouver. As for tonight's show, the RITA and a Japanese guy whose name I have not yet internalized with also play... Should be really good. I will not, alas, be there... Karkowski is doing something else on Sunday - a workshop at VIVO, I think - but you'll have to track that down on your own. Fact is, I'm having internet connectivity issues and may not be around to blog this weekend... This may be it for now!
Rich Hope was great last night!

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