Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mini-LP Format

You know what feels really silly now that I've gone back to owning LPs? The "mini-LP" CD format. I mean, I got all excited, f'rinstance, to find the Stooges' Fun House in an exact-repro gatefold (but shrunk down to CD size); I bought it even though I already had Fun House around on CD, just for the packaging, because it came so close to duplicating the original LP's art and such. But now I *have* the original LP again (or at least a nice 180 gram repress of it, which suffices), and I wonder, given how easy it is to get the LP, why I ever cared about getting a mini-version of it? What sense does buying a reproduction of the artefact make, when the artefact itself is still available? It's kinda strange...

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