Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jeff Younger's Nocturnal Puddle Reflections at the Western Front, plus UPCOMING GIG!

Femke just sent me a couple more pics of Jeff Younger's Nocturnal Puddle Reflections at the Western Front November 15th, absent from the piece of writing below (where said gig was mentioned). Here they are - a fun project! Apparently, on November 29th at the Western Front (...if, say, the Diamanda Galas tickets are too pricy for you, or the dark diva is not to your taste, or you'd just rather some lively, adventuresome, doubtlessly cookin' jazz), Younger will have a CD release for his Sandbox project at the Western Front, also with Bruce Friedman's African Groove Band (no Myspace visible); bound to be a good night, and it features (I presume) Darren "Monster Truck" Williams on sax - the most muscular blower in the city that *I've* encountered... For some reason this is not listed on the Front's website yet, but maybe it will be soon? It's listed on Younger's gig page... It's all academic to me - I'm not even s'posed to be writing right now!

All photos below by ace photographer Femke van Delft!

Once again, all photos are by Femke van Delft! (Copyrighted by her, etc.). Someone should give Femke more money! (Me too!)

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