Wednesday, November 05, 2008

ARRRRGH! Tunnel Canary errata

Nathan Holiday of Tunnel Canary, by Femke van Delft

Goddamn me!

I was gettin' ready to cuss out my editor at Bixobal for an obvious howling error in my Tunnel Canary piece, in Bixobal 5 - only to come home, check my transcripts, and discover that THE MISTAKE IS MINE!

I am a fucking asshole! Goddamn me! How dare I fuck up my own writing like this! (Kicks self in ass). Fuck! Shit! Arrrgh!

Okay, so: here's the deal: I used to bus IN FROM the suburbs, to Vancouver, to buy cool shit, scoop up gig posters, and so forth. Not INTO the suburbs. They didn't HAVE cool shit in the suburbs: trust me, I grew up there. Anyone in Vancouver would know this, of course. I now look like a tool, or else people are wondering if there was a secret shop somewhere in Maple Ridge, heretofore unheard of in Vancouver, that actually stocked punk-related records and ephemera. No, there wasn't. Finding such things required many trips to Vancouver - to Collectors RPM, to Track, to Odyssey imports, to Main Street Records, to Zulu, to Ty's stall at the flea market. I was even in the Friends Hot Wax store, once... or maybe it was Quintessence; I was in junior high school at the time, and don't rightly know. But I do know that NONE OF THESE STORES WERE IN THE SUBURBS. What's with this bussing "into" the suburbs shit, then?
Anyhow, you might be able to buy copies of Bixobal off Josh at Zulu, if you want to read the Tunnel Canary piece - which is extensive indeed, and hopefully doesn't have THAT many other glaring errors (fuck!). Tunnel Canary, for those who don't know, were one of Vancouver's most daring art/noise projects. The album version of Jihad is very nearly scooped up around town - certainly the 2LP special edition is almost gone - so if you're curious, this is the time to act!
I guess I was thinking of my CURRENT relationship to the suburbs - I now bus into the suburbs to visit my parents. But not to buy cool shit. Tho' sometimes I find neat items in the Value Village...

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ammacinn said...

Heh. Nathan has his own share of errata to note! The Al Neil gig wasn't OUTSIDE the theater, but in it - dunno what I thought I heard on the recording, or why I wouldn't check that. He thought there was something odd likening UJ3RK5 to the Haters, too, which of course makes no sense, but he couldn't find it on second read. This is what happens when I pile wayyyy too much on my plate - I start to fuck up! Thank God I'm on vacation from serious writing this week - I only got my DAYJOB to worry about.