Friday, August 22, 2008

Privilege on DVD

So: Peter Watkins' long unavailable cult film Privilege - last screened in Vancouver as part of Kier-la Janisse's wonderful Big Smash festival - is the newest of his films to be released on DVD by Oliver Groom's Project X imprint (Amazon link here). I have a review of it in The Skinny, which I'll leave you to hunt down, alongside a review of Black Francis' sold-out solo show and an interview with Subhumans drummer (and former DOA/SNFU/Personality Crisis member) Jon Card. Privilege kind of makes my head hurt, and there are things about it ("We Will Conform!") that are a bit hard to swallow, but I find it a fascinating and provocative critique of pop music, and I think it'd be well worth any film buff's time to seek it out - or at least to seek out my review of the film, which I'm quite pleased with. Oh: and there's an even funnier zombie pic of me than the one posted below in the current issue.

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