Friday, August 15, 2008

Pointed Sticks Tomorrow! (Plus Melodic Energy Commission, Slowpoke and the Smoke)

All photos of the Pointed Sticks by Cindy Metherel, except for Ian Tiles (taken, I think, by the band while they were in Japan) and Gord Nicholl, onstage at Richards on Richards, taken on a disposable camera by Nick Jones himself!)

Hey, gang - I dropped the ball on this one, but the Pointed Sticks play a free show at the Summer of Love in Kitsilano, I gather at 5PM tomorrow. (I think the Melodic Energy Commission play tomorrow too, and Sticks' bassist Tony Bardach's doowop project, Slowpoke and the Smoke). Got swamped with other projects, so this is all the promo I can give these guys, but stagger on down after zombiewalk and maybe we'll see you there!

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