Monday, August 25, 2008

Insect Fear Ironies

Ah! The cruelty of it: I get excited by the release of Phase IV (see below), my favourite, and probably the most philosophical, humans-versus ants movie; then even more excited to discover that all three of my fave "insect fear" movies (Phase IV, The Hellstrom Chronicle and Bug) have bug sequences shot by the same guy, Ken Middleham. I go so far as to order Bug - starring Bradford Dillman as an obsessive entymologist struggling with intelligent, fire-starting cockroaches - on DVD; then - having overcome a mouse infestation and managed to evade (thus far) our buildings' occasional bedbug flareups - I discover a cockroach in my bathroom. I've lived here for three years, and haven't seen a cockroach, but apparently a neighbour moved here from an infested building and they are slowly spreading. Somehow they're less entertaining in the flesh... Sigh.

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