Thursday, May 04, 2023

SuckerTrap HAS BEEN MOVED one post up

This photo is also by Patrick Powers:

 Hi! It's Allan. I fucked up. I put the word "Saturday" in the original title of this, but the gig is Friday. That was easily fixable, except if you posted the URL into your social media, the preview continued to read Saturday, and WOULD NOT BE FIXED no matter how many goats I sacrificed (only three, but if three didn't do the trick, why kill a fourth?). I didn't want people to miss the gig because of my mistake, so in order to repair the URL, I literally had to REBUILD THE WHOLE FUCKING ARTICLE in another post, so a new URL with a new preview was generated. (I mean, there might have been another way, but not that I knew). Alas, people were already sharing with the original URL, and that must be what you clicked on, which (before I wrote this, anyhow) didn't bring you to any kinda post saying "the thing you are looking for has been moved," it just took you to a blank blog page. No mention of Friday OR Saturday, just me and my picture. WTF? I am sure at least six people were annoyed by this, and four of them probably didn't bother to try to figure out what went wrong.

So, like, sorry: if you ended up here, you prolly clicked the OLD VERSION of the URL. The real article is linked below now. I promise, you won't be redirected when you click to some malicious horseshit website wherein a Nigerian prince takes control of your computer, installs porn on it, and then demands you pay him in bitcoin to be able to see that porn. Or however that shit works. It will take you to the ACTUAL PINTO STILETTO INTERVIEW about the SuckerTrap show. At its new URL, with no mention of the word Saturday. 

Which is good, because on Saturday we are all going to support Murray at the Waldorf, right? We are going to pack that place and spend lots of money, because that guy is NOT GONNA WANNA TOUR MUCH after his surgery, I think. At least not for awhile! So it might get a bit tight for him. I mean, I'm gonna do another post about a different gig happening Saturday, but only because I find it hard to say no to Eddy D., because he's Eddy D. And because Ed Hurrell is a nice guy, and Scott McLeod rocks.

I, myself, will be at the Waldorf on Saturday.

Oh, yeah, here's the new URL. Sorry for the confusion. 

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