Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sidelined, plus Sunday Morning

Remember how I was having problems with my hands?

Apparently warehouse work - constantly using staple and tape guns, and safety knives, building boxes and packing them - was NOT what the doctor ordered for this condition. I'm looking at pretty aggravating carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms here - major tingling in both hands and arms, which gets so bad that it wakes me up at night at times, especially if my hands end up in the wrong position. It's making a bit of a dent in my writing. Consulting a doctor, considering a chiropractor, and taking a bit of a break from the warehouse - but between FB and email and such I am doing all the typing I can hack.

There is stuff I am already reporting on Facebook - that I am engaged to be married to Erika in May, and that I am considering putting on a gig in June, to celebrate the date. (The actual wedding will take place on Vancouver Island, but I want to have a celebration over here so my friends this side of the water can come). But I can do neither justice here just yet. I might have a piece on Hamm's involvement with this Sunday Morning project (with a gig on the 20th at the Cultch), but I might not; it reunites Hamm with Bruce Wilson from Tankhog, a seriously underrated grunge-era Vancouver band, though the project has more to do musically with the Velvet Underground song that inspired it than grunge... There is some question as to what Hamm will be able to get to, however, so I may just direct y'all to Mike Usinger's piece here.

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