Friday, April 03, 2009

Art Bergmann week postponed due to ear infection

So: I can't really hear so well with my left ear, and have a bit of pain and discomfort to contend with; the last thing I feel like doing is sticking on my headphones and transcribing my Ray Fulber interview, fascinating as it is. There is more to come on Art Bergmann, but not right now: I'm going to end my exhausting week of maniacal blogging, take a nap, go see a couple of shows, and then start getting my apartment ready for another bedbug fumigation tomorrow. There will be no blogging for a few days, folks. You need some time to catch up, anyhow, right?

In the meantime, have you actually gone out and bought the Lost Art Bergmann CD yet? Last I saw, Scratch had copies - maybe Red Cat and Zulu do, as well? You really should check it out. I'm also told, though Sexual Roulette is out of print, you can find it on i-Tunes or such; it's an excellent album and an ideal companion piece for the Lost Art CD, so if you don't know it, do yourself a favour. One hint, though: read the lyrics!

(Hey, Stinks - you gotta put the lyrics of "Who Will Ever Know" up, the previously-unreleased-in-any-format song on the Lost Art CD; it's an amazing statement about the neglect of non-mainstream popular culture - a Vancouver version of X's "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts," with it's request for "the last American band to get played on the radio" to "please bring the flag...").

There's a new Youtube clip up of Art, by the way: "Ill-Repute," which he dedicated to Gordon Campbell.

See y'all next week.

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