Friday, November 25, 2005

John Pilger on Internet Reporting

Just read an interesting article by John Pilger on the failure of television and print media to tell the truth about the Iraq war, and on the value of the internet as a source of information. He focuses in particular on the American use of white phosphorus and napalm. The use of the former was finally brought to light in the mainstream media this November, but those who keep an eye on independent news sites or left-leaning/antiwar sites like Znet knew about this stuff last spring. The delayed reaction was initially somewhat surprising to see; I had gone through my shock and outrage months ago, and it was odd to see the rest of the world suddenly take notice -- I'd assumed they just didn't care! The use of napalm -- by another name, mind you -- has yet to be made much of; it was already a known thing when this article appeared in June.

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