Monday, July 18, 2005

Animal (Sex) Farm

Riiiiight: so there's this farm in Washington, where bestiality is still legal, that has become a hot tourist spot for people who want to have sex with livestock; it gets advertised on the internet and people come for miles. Primarily to get it on with horses. The article is less descriptive than I would have liked, but it seems to suggest that in at least some of the sex going on, the animals are the ones mounting the people; one visitor was rushed to a hospital, where he died of a perforated colon, which is what brought the farm to the attention of authorities. Some videotapes seized also show this unusual angle on horse sex. Enumclaw police are now watching the videos, looking for some way they can charge the farm owners with a crime, since having horses fuck you is not, per se, illegal there.

This means somewhere there are police officers being paid to watch horses fuck men. I wonder what the mood in the viewing room is? Bemused? Disgusted? (I think a certain amount of humour would be entirely appropriate, myself, and perhaps even a psychological necessity). After how many hours of watching such stuff does one require counselling?

One wishes animals could talk.

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