Thursday, December 02, 2004

Napalm in Fallujah?

It doesn't seem possible but there are stories spreading on the net about the use of the banned weapon, napalm, in Fallujah. There are also tales of armed drones -- robot warriors -- being used. Is this Vietnam or Robocop?

The rally in Vancouver was of minimal interest. 200 or so people, a few chants of "Go home Bush" and "1-2-3-4 We don't want your racist war," and a comedian in a Richard Nixon mask pretending to be GW Bush and justifying his policies, while using garbled pseudoBushisms (misunderstandardize, things like that). I left as the union singers came on -- I don't chant and I'm not much into acapella folk songs at rallies, what can I say. Later in the night we toppled a statue of Bush, just like the one in Ottawa. I wonder how many statues of Bush got toppled, across Canada?

Napalm. I don't fuckin' believe it.

Edited to add: the US has admitted to using napalm in Iraq, except it's not actually called napalm; it's a similar substance, the Mark 77 firebomb. It's still a gasoline-gel weapon that melts people -- fire dropped from the sky.

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