Monday, June 08, 2015

Of Uwe Boll

My God, would SOME MOVIE THEATRE IN VANCOUVER put on a "Best of Boll" festival, with the director in attendance, so his fans out there (and the billions of people he's given jobs to in Vancouver) can gather to cheer him on?

By the way, Boll has made several decent movies and at least two kind of great ones (in terms of angry political exploitation, anyhow) in recent years, so before you repeat some mouldy cliche about what a horrible filmmaker he is, you really do need to SEE something he's done recently - most particularly Rampage, Rampage II, Assault on Wall Street and Assault on Darfur are all worthwhile, and Tunnel Rats and Stoic are worth a look, to be sure (I haven't actually finished Stoic so I can't really praise it enthusiastically, but what I saw was definitely competent and interesting. I just wasn't in the mood). Postal is pretty bloody unrestrained and his love of confrontation gets the better of him at times - to put it mildly - but at least a few scenes in it are brilliant...

By the way, those curious but unconvinced that Boll can entertain should check out Adrian Mack's article on the Straight blog and listen to Boll's embedded rants... The second one is kind of a thing of beauty, rude, crude and joyously liberating, the way a good rant should be...!

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