Saturday, June 20, 2015

David M enters my dreams

...but I forget what he did there. Apparently there is now something like 10 CDs worth of No Fun material almost ready for the world, including all their key cassettes and lots of mostly unheard material, like a shockingly punk rock recording from their Battle of the Bands performance from when Triumph of the Ignoroids got recorded (on David M's four track, by the way; did you know that?). David is presently working on the packaging; at some point soon, people may actually be able to BUY No Fun stuff again. And of course, No Fun - with David AND Paul and who-knows-who-else, because there's lots of No Fun alum out there - is set to play the Khats fest July 11th.

But none of that's got anything to do with David appearing in my dreams. Oh, and they were non-sexual, too. That's about all I can say about'em.

More later.

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