Sunday, June 21, 2015

Big Takeover stuff: Wett Stilettos, Flesh Eaters

Wett Stilettos as the Rickshaw, by bev davies, not to be used without permission

So continuing in my tradition of putting my more ambitious writing somewhere other than this blog, I did something on the Wett Stilettos for the online-only version of Big Takeover... I also did something else on the Flesh Eaters, following up my previous online conversation with Chris D., but that's for the print edition (issue 176, in stores now as far as I know). The whole of my writing for B/T can be accessed by clicking on my name on any one article I've done... or just go here. That's all for now... I wonder if I'm going on strike tomorrow? Trouble in job-land... Might mean more time for writing soon, unless I have to find a new job.... Hmm...

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