Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Rebel Spell to play Adstock X - free outdoor concert in Maple Ridge!

Okay, suburban and Vancouver punks, here's the deal: Adstock is a really fun time, it's free, the bands (punk, ska, metal, and so forth) are always at least good, it's easy and cheap to get to Maple Ridge, the peace park is one of the most pleasant places in town (and has a decent PA), AND - this year, the Rebel Spell is headlining! You need more of an excuse to come to town?

For non-drivers, the fastest route from along the Hastings corridor: catch the 160 bus to Maple Ridge and then the 701 at Coquitlam Station; get off at Haney Place Mall and ask someone where the peace park is. From along the Skytrain, on weekends, get to Lougheed Mall, catch the 97 B-line to Coquitlam Station, then once again, grab the 701. Either route takes about an hour and a half, but it's a weekend, so it's only one fare in and one fare out (don't dally).

(By the by, I've done many interviews with the Rebel Spell - check here and here, say. Enough people have now dropped off the map or changed their game or retired or so forth that I can now say the Rebel Spell is my favourite punk band anywhere!).
(Todd Serious by Jennifer Dodds)

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