Friday, April 11, 2014

Vancouver punk rock weekend

Well, I will be missing The Rebel Spell gig tonight at Lanalou's, but I got to talk to Todd Serious a bit here. It's one of a few cool gigs this weekend, though I will be checking out Scythia in Maple Ridge that night (see below) and won't be able to be there, sadly (they are a FANTASTIC LIVE BAND and I urge your attendance). As for Saturday, if I'm not seeing Off!, playing Fortune Sound Club, I may have a chance to catch the Golers and the Dayglo Abortions, at Funkys; not sure which gig to go to! Reviewed the Golers new album here; actually their music scares me just a little - it's pretty brutal, intense, and unrelenting! - so I emphasized their playful side, which may make them sound cuter than they really are. (Also got to review Kill Matilda's new EP, though I kind of botched that job, since their CD release was last month!). Seeming like it's going to be a pretty good weekend for Vancouver punks....

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