Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No blog, plus Nick Cave tickets

So much on my calendar at the moment that there is, for a while, no time to blog much. That's okay by me. I have already posted a few reactions on Facebook and the Straight website to Dave Gregg's untimely passing so it doesn't seem so essential to do an obit here - I only met the man once, though he seemed like a very sweet guy. Otherwise I've got no mojo for writing here. I might find a Cronenberg outtake or two but after my threefer in the Straight I'm feeling pretty tapped (see below).

Meantime, go here to find out how to win Nick Cave tickets for his upcoming, sold out Vancouver show! Nick was one of the very best concerts I saw last year, see here for more. You get more entries if you repost the link above. You also get more competitors... Hmmm.

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