Sunday, December 16, 2012

That same old feeling inside

Once again, the news from America is such that I'm trying to limit my time on news sites, because I really, really do not want to look at the face of their latest mass murderer. He is being described as a "quiet honour roll student" on the CBC. I really, really do not need to know, thanks; I'm quite aware of the sort of world we're living in and can pretty much infer everything I need to know about this creep without reading his fucking biography on the news. He doesn't deserve the attention; if anything, he deserves the opposite - an erasure from humanity, a complete disappearance from history, the media, all public discourse; giving him headlines for days on end is vastly more than he deserves for what he's done.

If you recall, I posted similar things about my dismay as to having to look at the Batman shooter's face for weeks on end - remember THAT dude? That was in July. Seems like there's a story like this coming out of America every few months now - I mean, the Connecticut one isn't the first since July by far, it's just the worst. I wonder how often this sort of thing has to happen before Americans wise up and adopt strict gun control laws? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? Isn't there something obscene about all the public angst and handwringing and cries of "why" when the government CAN and SHOULD take steps to stop such things from happening so often, so easily, so brutally, whenever some misfit blows a fuse?

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