Friday, December 14, 2012

Al's top albums on 2012

The best thing in music about the year 2012 - not that anyone asked me, and not that I've made an exhaustive attempt to stay current - was the reissue of the two Dicks' LPs (as well as two of their early singles, included with the CD versions). More to come on that eventually, but check out the Dicks doing "Pigs Run Wild" off their legendary Austin hardcore album Kill From the Heart...

Also, Swans' The Seer and Bison's Lovelessness are up there for me as albums of the year, as well as the two Neil Young and Crazy Horse albums. I wish the vinyl of Psychedelic Pill wasn't so obscenely overpriced (it's only 85 minutes of music, and COULD fit on two discs; plus even at three discs - one side of which isn't even playable, it's just an etching - asking more than $60 for it is offensive. C'mon, Neil - if you're such an audiophile, why are you making the vinyl so prohibitively expensive? Give us a break!).  

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